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Steyning's Stirring Quotes


The pathetic innocence of arrogance


                   Obsessions are doomed


Murder is Much Overrated


All the knowingly inferior can do is angrily claim


             State lies, or the root of all evil



The rise of the total misfit who shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets, upheld by the credulous confusing psychotic behavior with safety and strength



Man is the only animal to get infected by blind greed and ambition, the sometimes deadly virus of the human intellect


Unprovoked hatred is nothing but a crutch



Real Power Rests In Lightness

(on which it effortlessly thrives)


For some unfortunates life's a subway to nowhere, with all too often ill-lit stops



It’s not dying swans most mourn, it’s angels - wings and all- not standing behind a deathbed... but lying inside one


The Narcissist is a Positive Thinker on Steroids


Like Man The Melon Progresses From Within


Russia, or where it is manly to show immense anger


The Problem is that Fatalism works


A malign narcissist always feels maligned


         When lying forms part of a truth, you call it strategy


No real freedom without honesty


A self-confined intellect is man's greatest tragedy, for it implies the probable betrayal of one


Humanity will die of its own insanity, at the very most remaining as a two-legged rabbit even when wearing that hat it found


Honor and Horror follow each other too closely


Did God create insanity, or did insanity create God?


As we are all biodegradable

I also am best before expiry date




Atomic Clocks Are Us


To save lives religions, like sex, should be practiced between four walls, at home, doors locked


hope is no diamond


       Sometimes laughter is a form of crying


Those who fear love, love to instill fear


I assume my existence, but does He?

Nostalgia is nearly always inaccurate, irrational and completely pathetic


Gullibility is the fast food of thought


Grotesque Societies Protect Their Intellectual Poverty

                        Delusion is a dangerous drug


Killing in His name proves He doesn't exist




Society and Government should be like a brassiere, strapless if possible and occasionally even gently removed


Terror Tends To Start At Home


Convictions are not only cocoons but also goons, there to preserve and protect and therefore no bastions of wit and wisdom


In civilized society you defeat a political rival and shake his hand, in primitive society you destroy him


Nihilism is a form of Arrogance, not Angst: by rejecting all purpose and value the nihilist places himself above all and everything


Fascism is a human form of rabies


Liars are loud because of their obvious need to overwhelm...


The only force stronger than belief itself is the compulsion to make one up at all cost. After all, what's life without a Teddy Bear...


It is infinitely sadder not to recognize than it is not to be recognized


CODES: Some dress to advertise the shape they're in, for others it's the direct cause of the shape they're in


Gods don't murder much; people do


Relevance can be highly irrelevant


Puritanical = Tyrannical


Snobbism is not only a form of arrogance, it is a form of ignorance


        Anger should come from pain, not because it's fashionable

Nationalism is orchestrated anger, confronting everything and everyone except itself


Stream of conscienceness doesn't get to the point, because too often there isn't one


Abstinence is a terrible vice


Exploiting and manipulating unrelated frustration is the favorite strategy for total power grabs


Whereas Power corrupts, Celebrity perverts and distorts


If purpose is time related, then uselessness is timeless


Courage = Relevance


Religion is seriously territorial


When the nation itself is nextdoor's psychopath...


We Don't Ask All The Questions


A life unexamined is a life not lived


Tradition = Structure


Those who indulge in extreme self-pity are a danger to the world


Irrational hatred is the drug that always kills twice, first your supposed enemy and then you!


In the right light, everything is fucking nonsense


I juxtapose to expose or sometimes to re-enforce



Nationalism is crypto-totalitarianism



Stimulate = Agitate


Lying = Stealing


Knowledge comes easy, wisdom is dearer


Decrees are the source of tomorrow's rebellions


Playfulness = Freedom


Anti-semitism is never the answer, anti-cynicism is




Vacant Eyes, Vacant Lives


Those who forcefully cling to the past always claim they're fighting for the future


There's nothing sadder than an empty theatre, except for that desperately hurting child outside


Ignorance is not bliss


Danger is real Meaning



It seems that not Communism but Facebook & Twitter represent the hollow end-victory of the proletariat



It takes 1 robot to replace 30 workers. It takes 30 workers to build and service 1 robot. It's not the machines that are getting smarter, it's the workers.


Multi-moral = Amoral



We're all insignificant, but some of us are more insignificant than others


We are the compost of the cosmos and therefore perhaps... not so useless afterall


Snobbery is snottery


U.S. segregation was the prohibition of human decency


Life everywhere in the cosmos is but a flame, popping up and burning bright then disappearing into waiting night



Moral equality is what the world needs most



By implication absolute rulers are absolute murderers








Governing isn't about quality, it's about numbers



Populism occurs when the positioned placate the uninformed to keep them ignorant


Time and again history proves that even if successful those who provoke a rebellion are not qualified to lead a new nation; they end up destroying it by their ignorance


To some life is a dildo


If we are the opposite of nothingness, we should prove we merit it every single day


If ultimately morality is intelligence based, then amorality is nothing but dark stupidity


Knowledge has to be managed and adjusted constantly as the world turns


Given all that violent cosmic chaos, a peaceful totally motionless windstill morning on a comfortably sunny beach is in itself the miracle, only then.... us!


Morally deranged, equals mentally deranged




Life loves life far more than it loves us, and why it is such a cruel lover





(Dogma is the last refuge of the coward)



It's not life which is absurd, but death









When charlatans speak, idiots will listen. And idiocy is immensely popular, everywhere


Moral superiority is the immediate claim of the shameless


He who constantly invokes the enemy, most likely is the enemy












Belief is Constructed Meaning, an Attempt to Rationalize the Irrational



Purpose and a sense of accomplishment is all the meaning we need



Making a primitive understand he is primitive is, by definition, an impossibility



Show me a nation steeped in unexamined tradition, and I show you a divided and impoverished land





Not succeeding does not mean failure



A Scholar or Scientist knows an awful lot about relatively little, an Intellectual knows very little about an awful lot






Reasoning also is a gift from God. Don't let it scare you!



The true measure of a nation lies in the amount its officials are allowed to steal and in the way it treats its weak




A Nation of Flaw and Order



Fate is a valiant but fragile friend we must understand and help, not condemn out of hand


To be happy is to be free of all fear, which has nothing to do with being fearless



Formulated by and for small men, ideologies should be replaced as often as dirty linen



Life is a trip, not a trap






Some have deep feelings, others strong convictions, with one having little to do with the other

(some loving humanity, but never the poor sod nextdoor)


Luck also courts the Evil and the Incompetent



Nec Plus Ultra has nothing to do with giraffes



Wasting Beauty Is A Far Greater Tragedy Than Dying



Everything is Chance






Life is just long enough to form existential delusions, but way too short to prove them dead wrong



Do not trust a man who knows no sorrow

(some men are so intelligent, they even know how to cry)



He who packs a weapon to defend himself itches to use it, for feeling threatened must mean one matters, right!?






I have foresight, therefore I am



Nations and people continually needing to project supposed strength and superiority in fact suffer from an adolescent sense of inferiority. They're dangerous not for what is in their hands, but for what is in their head.


The European and U.S. financial crisis have amply demonstrated, that everything is a Ponzi scheme



Curiosity's Death leads to our Death


Money is a nomad turned into a hermit of late


Death to Collectivity: before a nation or a people can be free, individual independence must have taken place


Money Doesn't Grow On Treaties


Under some circumstances, surviving may be too kind a notion to entertain



Ontological courage enables man to humbly assume himself. The alternatives, arrogance or exaggerated faith, lead directly to wasted lives


I am a Now-ist


I am a friend of hours



The longest river on earth is the Amazon, the longest road the one my admirers have chosen to reach my door






                     Only Profound, Lasting Joy Creates Meaning


          Some search for safety in calculated altruism, others in narcissism, neither one does the job



        If the Priory is where the Prior resides, then the Theory is where God resides


                                          Wankers Aweigh!


      Reality is truth mutating every fraction of a second


                             Rococo was Baroque's Dadaism


                                   Everything is Neo-Retro


                                Luck is a Whore


It is naive negotiating with people only at the table to study how best they can kill you


Knowledge is easy, connecting the facts is where wisdom comes in


         And what exactly did you expect, if God Himself is an Atheist?

                                                 A real God should hate religion


Faith often gets defended using reason, as if a rational approach to the completely irrational suddenly... establishes fact


                       To kill is to exhibit a tragic lack of creativity


                             Cognition Changes Nothing


Shamelessness has no cure



Religion is a Placebo

(unless a lonely God wanted someone to show off all that planetary beauty He created to, but that smart/stupid and ingrate friend got wildly out of hand!)


Endless, rapid-fire speak is for people having nothing to say or living a constant lie


When fools trust and admire each other, terrible things tend to happen to the rest of us


Only Extreme Self-Indulgence Shrinks The Universe


Life is waving an hour glass, while mired in quicksand!


We all become assassins after our last dream is taken away


Only primitives demand total conformity and homogenity, naturally with themselves on top. But for any society, Rigor itself bloody Mortis Est!


Savage and beautiful like a wild beast, the real truth can never be tamed or domesticated


Shouting "God is Great!" while killing dozens of total innocents can only mean one of two things. Either God is crazy, or you are. I think it's you...


Les fous de Dieu: Guided insanity brings criminal insanity


The salient question is not why life, but why the question


Why, the why?


Never trust a circus claiming the tallest dwarfs in town


Why do my worst fears always come through, my highest hopes never?


The Jungle is a Cosmos, the Cosmos is a Jungle


Humanity evolves favourably only when it shakes tradition


Fate has no conscience


Deforestation is a dog's worst nightmare


Everything leads to everything


Only self-confidence breeds tolerance


There can be neither freedom without responsibility, nor freedom of speech without accountability


A politician is someone speaking with great certainty about issues that are far from certain. Therefore the more authoritative he sounds, the stupider he is


It's the other way around: organized religion equates existential absurdity


 He who forsakes his humanity lowers himself back into the animal kingdom, where he gets destroyed


It is immature to think that anger and rage reflect strength


By asking the right question, you show you already know the answer


The real tragedy is not hate, as much as the refusal to understand why one is hated


Including greed all human ugliness can be brought back to cowardice, thus fear.


Religious minorities in the West often clamour for the freedom to be intolerant


A strong will connected to a shallow mind invites untold troubles


I don’t mind God. I just don’t care for the company He keeps.


 The XXth Century liberated Western woman, returning man to the bedroom where he belongs

If one stops to think what awaits us, it is naive to live. So that joy becomes just as vital as finding food and shelter

The biggest global problem as always is how to dispense the benefits of enlightenment to brutal primitives without getting eaten alive. Like dining with a cobra while teaching it etiquette and table manners, how long will this feast last? The cobra cleverly having taught itself to use knife and fork and sit up straight.

In its purest form intelligence is the ability to distinguish and acknowledge the other, perhaps even wag one's tail

Religion is for twelve year olds and those at one level remaining there, called split-level souls

Whereas most teach to fight ignorance, others are only too happy to teach it

Man is the animal able to turn anything into a religion, including soccer, nationalism and, yes, philosophy... but never humour, alas

Rampant life, kills life

(If we're so smart, how come there are so many of us?)

It is impossible to stop people wanting to believe. It comes from deep fear and insecurity, fantasy a child's warm blanket. What's idiotic is the constant proofs they feel they must come up with, supporting that they're not mad as charged.

Setting out looking for fate and claiming you found it... ain't fate!

To many charity is little more than relieving themselves against a hydrant, like a small, quick, liquid spurt of conscience

I have no knowledge of anything to do with myself before I entered existence, and see no possibility of acquiring any after I leave

There exists no Supreme morality, or innocents wouldn't be punished with endemic suffering while useless arseholes hit it big and mass murderers die peacefully

Obstinacy equals backwardness

The very cruellest among us are no heroes, but the most frightened

An economic depression is when 30% of citizens find they're as disposable as used diapers

Rap is rabble babble

Firm convictions are terrible, entertaining reasonable doubts the thing

If there's nothing new under the sun, then everything becomes a depressing cliché

An expert is someone who always eats tuna before going swimming, and maintains Tchaikovsky couldn't possibly have composed the 1812 Suite as he was born in 1840

Too many Third World leaders are clever enough to plunder, but not to see the pain

     Never Mourn Tomorrow

A religious fanatic is someone who knows no beauty and has no doubts

Lies enslave

Super awareness still offers no escape

In many cases religion is a mild form of insanity, the clergy deeply disturbed yet calculating fantasts, known to be parasitical, petty, vile and devious

We're always at the mercy of the mediocre, with not enough of it coming from far too many of them

A clash of civilizations signifies at least one of them isn't

Anger comes from those bright enough to realize they're too dumb to compete

Goodness is awareness

Suspicion is a liar's child

To a blind man all the world goes naked

Hard work, courage and honesty lead to wealth; evasion, excuses and lies the cowardice which guarantees poverty

Populism promises to pay the rent. But never yours, my friend!

To hate indiscriminately is a measure of one's own tragic shortcoming

Atheists don't eat converted rice

Irrational fear begets irrational loathing

Exaggerated national pride stems from a very dangerous shortage of individual self-esteem

(Patria non totus et ubique est)

The intolerant will always demand tolerance under laws they categorically reject

Enforcers are compensated not to think

Immortality is the domain not of the atheist, but of the non-thinker

He who lives by the wind, becomes the wind: intermittently influential but on the whole dismissible

The battle between good & evil boils down to the conflict between moderns and primitives

Letters are pebbles but words bricks, holding up beautiful structures and even music sometimes

Behind a woman's tears, lies the greatest human strength I know

If God gave us life, He sure has a bewilderingly cruel way of taking it back

Besides his own wicked ways, man has brought some order in the situation whereby the sole purpose of bringing him to life, seems to have been to pound the crap out of him

                                    Mars manifests life ancient fundamentalists left behind

Those encouraging suicide are never home when it is their turn

The human race is like water: slowly flowing to the lowest point, changing its composition to rise to the top, only to fall again

Permanently emerging states are permanently led by moral and intellectual midgets

It takes centuries for sense to become common

Do not add to life's intimidations

Life is like living with a murderer in closed quarters : it should be treated with kidgloves and utmost decorum

Most prefer those the others applaud, so condemning the unsung

It takes two to be decent!

It is unwise for sheep to negotiate a non-aggression pact with wolves

Can't ban guns? Ban bullets!

Some climbers stab the back and step over the body, accuse another, steal, execute, imprison and bomb, and can do all this because, admirably apparently, sustained by their faith...

History shows it's impossible for a people to prosper, if the art of compromise hasn't entered their culture

Life being meaningless is not nearly as serious as leading one that is pointless

Most politicians are brilliant only at getting elected

I propose tripppling the minimum wage for necessary but disgusting work. Now this will reduce strife, society at last taking care of its own arse

Optimism is despair in disguise

Intellect is the ballpark, reason the game. Many have the facility but can or will not play

A writers' dream is a watering hole with a clock that runs backwards: always time for one more, accompanied by the hope long lost friends walk in

When writing I create characters I would love to have met, replacing real ones who let me down or bore me to death

The Biggest Lie of all: Editors and Agents look for Originality. After submitting something out of the ordinary, they always react as if sodomized in the lane behind Granny's cottage on a Sunday morning, before services 

If time bends, so does truth. There's indelible gravity travelling moral space: What was true a moment ago is no longer quite so. A good writer captures this phenomenon 

Writing is having the courage to constantly pull the rug out from underneath oneself 

Graham Greene and Samuel Beckett both suffered from a form of self-induced dehydration: their lips aching, dying of thirst yet unable to drink faith's liquid words.  

Polite Jazz and Tropical Prose suck 

I feel scandalously betrayed the word Umlaut hasn't one, or that Ravel's Bolero and the word Anagram are nothing of the sort

Take the dead straightest steel beam, then order several million putting them end to end to circumvent the globe. Of course they'll have made a perfect circle, proving that in the universe absolutely nothing is really straight and that even the apparently most precise item is not 100% what you think it is. Such is the truth

Show me a culture where honesty is considered ridiculous, where nobody's ever accountable for anything, where anger gets admired as a sign of strength, and I'll show you a place where misery is permanent

My sister has a military-industrial complex. She doesn't cross B52s and CEOs

My remarkableness goes remarkably unremarked, but may I remind you that even a broken clock... manages to be accurate twice a day

Shoppers labour under the illusion they're acquiring something, when usually more is lost than obtained





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